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Carlos Beltrán Baseball Academy (CBBA) Partners with Global Naming Agency Brand Institute

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– Puerto Rico’s prestigious baseball academy finds a big fan in Brand Institute

– Naming agency, inspired by the mission of a school whose founder is one of baseball’s all-time greats, provides pro-bono brand consulting and a financial donation

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MIAMI, Feb. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Brand Institute is proud to announce its support and enthusiastic patronage of the Carlos Beltrán Baseball Academy (CBBA), a prestigious high school in Florida, Puerto Rico, that specializes in teaching baseball, academics, and the personal development of their students. Its curriculum is singularly holistic, emphasizing both home runs and homework, pop flies and pop quizzes, batting averages and grade point averages—equally. The outcome, to quote from the avowed mission of the CBBA, is a “dynamic learning experience” for the underprivileged students it serves.

Carlos Beltrán with CBBA Student Athletes
Carlos Beltrán with CBBA Student Athletes

The academy came into being in 2011 upon the initiative of its eponymous founder, Carlos Beltrán, whose decorated career on the baseball diamond earned him the nickname “Señor Octubre.” Toward the end of his career in professional baseball, Mr. Beltrán turned his sights to the future and what life would look like beyond the baseball diamond. Baseball had given him so much and he made the decision he would pay it forward. Instead of taking a traditional retirement, Mr. Beltrán instead opted for a legacy of helping those whose social and educational needs were going unmet. “This academy was a dream of mine,” said Mr. Beltrán in a recent conversation with James Dettore, Chairman & CEO of Brand Institute. He continued, “We saw baseball as an instrument to open new doors in life.”

And so it was, one local government land grant and a five-million-dollar investment of Mr. Beltrán’s own money later, that the CBBA was born. It was to be a school like no other, giving children a chance not just to learn baseball under the auspices of one of baseball’s greatest players, but also to receive a first-rate high school education that would set them on the path to college acceptance and—eventually—professional attainment. “We do this with love and receive a tremendous amount of satisfaction from it. Without this academy, these kids would not have this opportunity,” said Mr. Beltrán. “Seeing the child’s development makes it worth it. For me, the most important statistic is that almost 60% of these kids are the first generation in their families to go to college. Maybe that kid will become the hero of their town. It’s incredible.”

The CBBA sits on 18 acres of breathtaking land approximately 45 miles west of San Juan. It is a fully accredited institution by the Middle State Association on Elementary and Secondary Schools where students can learn to apply science and mathematics to real-world problems, as well as place the happenings of the day in their proper historical, political, social, and economic contexts with the confidence that they’ve truly been taught well. Instruction in the sport of baseball includes the wisdom and practical experience of real MLB players. The school is completely bilingual, ensuring neither lack of financial means nor lack of fluency discourages would-be students.

Mr. Beltrán, who was enterprising enough to know how he wanted to give back long before hanging up his cleats, understands that beyond simply nurturing athletic and academic aptitude, a school like the CBBA must also do its part to strengthen the ethical and moral sinew of those who enroll. That’s why, along with being able to take advantage of the CBBA’s technological infrastructure and leading-edge teaching methods, students learn the value of community service, societal commitment, and personal growth…civic virtues that Mr. Beltrán practices himself.

Brand Institute opened its corporate office in Puerto Rico in 2019 and became aware of the CBBA due to its incredible reputation on the island. The vision and values of the CBBA are truly inspiring, and the company is honored to be able to contribute to Mr. Beltrán’s ambitious project. “As a former college baseball player and brother of a former MLB player, baseball is in my blood,” said James Dettore. “When I came to the CBBA and saw the facilities first-hand, I was amazed. The excitement and dedication of the faculty and staff is inspiring. I knew that Brand Institute had to get involved.” Through our collaboration, we hope that more and more children will have the opportunity to become critical thinkers, exceptional athletes, and responsible citizens—in very much a Carlos Beltrán mold. We encourage other individuals and organizations who believe in the mission of this academic nonprofit organization to consider contributing as well.

About the Carlos Beltrán Baseball Academy (CBBA)

The Carlos Beltrán Baseball Academy (CBBA) provides a dynamic learning experience where young people can develop and enhance their athletic abilities while striving for academic excellence. It strives to prepare student-athletes to lead responsible and productive lives as compassionate human beings in the 21st century.

Its concept is simple: an ample space that encourages students to succeed, not only athletically but also academically. It is the Academy’s commitment that students understand how important it is to obtain an excellent education while improving their athletic abilities.

The CBBA is an innovative concept aimed at providing dynamic programs, opportunities, and services within an educational community, with a focus on academic and athletic development and improvement.

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