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CBBA Foundation

The Carlos Beltrán Baseball Academy Foundation, a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, serves as the fundraising arm of the Academy.

The Foundation through the Board of Directors and staff raises significant funds in support of the short and long-term needs of the school.

  • Online donations can be made through Credit Cards, PayPal or ATH Movil.
  • Donors can choose how they want their money to be allocated.
  • To donate through ATH Movil, click the donate button and type CBBAF to find us. To donate through PayPal, go to send and find us listed as Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy with handle @cbbaf.
  • The Carlos Beltran Academy is on the CECFL list of approved non-profit organizations that are fighting to eradicate childhood poverty. Individuals who reside in PR under Act 60 can donate to the Academy to fulfill their donation requirements. To view the list please click the following link:

General Fund

Your donation to the CBBA General Fund supports operations, scholarships, facility upgrades, transportation for all students as well as academic & sports equipment.

Endowment Fund

The Foundation has launched an endowment campaign with the goal of raising $10 million dollars to secure the long-term financial stability and sustainability of the Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy. An endowment fund serves as a reliable source of income, allowing the Foundation to support its mission and activities even during challenging times. It enables the school to plan for the future, invest in strategic initiatives, and weather fluctuations in funding.