Carlos lists one of his hobbies as "sleeping."
Carlos loves animals. He had a pet monkey, a bonnet macaque named Mikaela.
If he didn't play professional baseball, Carlos says he would have become a veterinarian.
Carlos's favorite meal is rice, beans and pork chops. No one prepares it better than his wife Jessica.
Carlos and his wife Jessica went out on their first date on Valentine's Day in 1998.
Carlos proposed to his wife over the telephone during the season.
In 2003, Royals fans started a petition at to convince Kansas City management not to trade Carlos.
Carlos shares his birthday with Braves third baseman Chipper Jones.
Carlos loves to read. His favorite book is the Bible.
Carlos is a huge car enthusiast.
Carlos has two toy poodles: Toy and Zion
Carlos' favorite singer is Marc Anthony
Carlos used to be an excellent Volleyball player as youngster.
Carlos loves to watch boxing.
Carlos is a five-tool player: a five-tool player 1) hits for average, 2) hits for power, 3) has running speed, 4) has arm strength and 5) has fielding ability
As a kid, Carlos' favorite cereal was Kellogg's Frosted Flakes. In 05 Carlos landed the cover of the box for the Caribbean distribution.
Carlos loves to play video games
Carlos loves to watch movies. He considers Armageddon as one of his favorites!
Carlos is an avid swimmer. He believes itís the best form of cardio.
Growing up Bernie Williams was one of Carlos' idols. He was huge influence on him becoming a switch-hitter.
Roberto Clemente has had an enormous impact on Carlos' life. Carlos admires his hard work on the field as well as his selfless philanthropic acts off the field.